An Open Letter to Blizzard

In the interest of full disclosure, I have had the honor to be a finalist in the Blizzard Talent Competition in the past. However, this year I have a serious complaint about eligibility improprieties.

On August 18, 2017, Blizzard opened registration for the 2017 Blizzcon community contests. They had previously announced that “big changes” were coming to the competitions, so as soon as the rules were posted, I made a point to closely examine them for updates.  One solitary altered passage in the talent rules caused me great concern:

z_proof 1

Since the main page provided an email dedicated to answering any questions about the contest and rules, I contacted them that night (August 19, 2017)

z_proof 3

Blizzard never replied to this inquiry.

I then waited a week while the deadline neared, whereupon I was forced to assume that the rule would be read as written: That only arrangements of Blizzard game music and parodies of the licensed songs were eligible for consideration.

With not enough time remaining to compose a parody or create a new arrangement of Blizzard music, I instead edited a video and submitted my song as a movie contest entry, since the movie contest rules had not been changed from previous years. I created as intricate a video as I could with only three days remaining until the deadline date and hoped for the best.

On November 3, 2017, The Blizzcon Talent Finals were held.  To my surprise and dismay, all four finalists performed original compositions.

My complaint is as follows:

All four finalist acts violated the posted rules that they agreed to as part of the entry process.
Blizzard did not enforce the rules as posted and agreed to by every entrant.

By Blizzard’s own publicly declared rules, the four acts chosen were not even eligible for submission, let alone advancing to the finals.

In turn, my own composition was not even submitted to the contest because I — in good faith — followed Blizzard’s rules to the letter.

This is not the behavior and treatment that I expect from Blizzard Entertainment.

I protest the results of this competition, and invite any other artists who also declined to enter or were withheld from entry due to the new rule to join me.




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